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Just released my first game! And I'm very happy with the results!

2011-01-28 22:37:56 by PlagueStudios

Just released it to Newgrounds and Kongregate about 15 hours ago:

The thing is, Kongregate makes the money, but Newgrounds doesn't ( yet! ), and that's the same for lot's of other noob developers, they make their game exclusive to Kong because it gives them an extra 15% revenue share or something, but I don't care about the money at all, just the rating and the feedback, so I just uploaded this to Newgrounds as well because this is an awesome site! :D

I'm pretty happy with the results:

Newgrounds - 2.68
Kongregate - 2.79
Newgrounds - 689
Kongregate - 462

Here's what some nice people said about my game!

"The gameplay was smooth (which is something most first timers miss). The music i love (yet somehow right when you'd get to the high up levels it moved to the piano rising bit xD go figure). the jump system was kind of whack, i'd jump about a cm below the jump and make it. As per the storyline... Try to put a little more effort into it (and include a skip button for those too impatient). Overall, i see a great team starting up. " - BloodGreaver, Newgrounds.

"Entertaining game with good music. Also a good game to tell fat guys to go to weight losers. :P 5/5 " - Gamerz112, Kongregate.

"Pretty good for a first game, nice and short. There are some trouble spots though. Bob slides too easily from under some of the platforms, sometimes it kills you cuz you don't expect it. I think the transitions to the next area are a tad bit too fast. Sometimes you'll be in the middle of a run then shoot out of the gate into the next area. Other than that, well done! " - LaHojaQueFlota, Kongregate.

Here's what some MEAN people said about my game!

" This game is the tale of a fail. Please don't submit unpolished games even if it is your first try. Have some respect for yourself. The only reason I gave you a star at all is because I totally banged your sister's butt. Hopefully you can stop the bleeding with that star. " - RonaldDeVous, Newgrounds.

" Meh... " - Judegement, Kongregate.

But I'm very happy with the game so thankyou to everyone for playing it and rating it so high! Yay!

Just released my first game! And I'm very happy with the results!


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2011-01-30 07:17:48

The first mean comment is awesome ahah! What a fail.


2011-03-29 06:14:25

I now have a 3.16 rating on kongregate and over 2000 plays in total ^_^


2011-03-29 07:45:01

But Newgrounds makes teh moneyz tooz :(